Former Chartered Accountant (CPA)

Accounting is one of the subjects that can lead to professional certification. Thus, only teachers with Accounting qualifications have in-depth knowledge and skills necessary to teach this subject effectively.

  • Lessons conducted personally by ex-Accountant

  • Understand POA from real-world perspective

  • Master application-based exam questions

My Differentation

Quality Education For All

  • Consistent Quality

    All POA lessons are conducted by myself, removing inconsistent teaching by hired tutors.

  • Practice All Variations

    Questions for each topic are specially selected to give students maximum exposure to all possible question types tested in exams.

  • After Lesson Support

    Students can WhatsApp me, especially during exam period, to clarify questions / doubts after tuition.

Understand POA

Reduce Memorising

Students who memorise the how of a topic without understanding the why tend to forget what they learn within a short period of time. They are also easily confused by the different ways questions are being asked.

To help students understand, each topic is broken down into small parts and explained in a simplified manner. This avoids information overload and confusion to the students.

Hands-on practices where students are guided to derive at the answer rather than being spoon fed with ‘model’ answers helped reinforce their learning and increase their retention rate.

Build Strong Accounting Foundation

Key To Distinction

It is common to see students having constant distinctions in their Sec 3 exams to constant fails in Sec 4. Often, these students find themselves always guessing or memorising the solution for various chapters. This is because these students have weak Accounting foundation.

90% of the subjects in POA revolves around double entry, and all chapters are inter-linked to each other. Students must understand how each chapter is linked to the other chapters. This is especially important for the new O Level POA syllabus.

In my Accounting lesson,

  • key points for each topic are highlighted
  • related topics are linked to help students see the overall picture

Application Accounting

Challenge Students Understanding

O level Accounting has moved towards testing students on their in-depth understanding of POA and how it is applied in real world scenario. Therefore, the old method of memorising POA to obtain distinction does not work anymore.

In my POA tuition class, to help students connect what they learn in Accounting to the real world, the various topics and concepts are explained and illustrated using real-life examples and scenarios that students can relate to.

Students are also guided during practices to think from different perspective, especially from a business point. This way, they are able to provide an all-rounded analysis and score full marks for the financial analysis and scenario-based questions.

My Students' Excellent Achievement

Fail To Distinction Within One Year