Personalise Setup

Differentiation From Large Tuition Chain

  • No Nov/Dec Lessons

    Why pay for tuition fees during family vacation? We only conduct lessons in Nov/Dec on parents request.

  • Personalise Service

    As a boutique setup, parents communicate directly with the tutors, not thru centre administrators.

  • No Hired Tutors

    Do you know that some tuition centres hire part-timers/students as tutors? Not in our centre.

No Compromise On Quality

All lessons are conducted personally by Ignatius / Adelina, removing inconsistent teaching quality by hired tutors.

  • 100% Attention To Your Child

    We Conduct All Lessons Personally

    Without paying hired tutors, and no physical centre, we can lower our operating cost, and have more affordable fees. With 1-on-1 lesson, your child gets 100% of our attention.

  • Custom In-House Materials

    Exam Focus Material

    We customise our teaching materials for only one objective, to coach students to score well in exam. Historically, students who are able to attempt all our questions will score distinction in their exam.

  • After Lesson Support

    Always Here For You

    Students can WhatsApp tutor to clarify questions / doubts after tuition. This is especially beneficial during exam preparation.

Online 1-on-1 Lesson / Form Your Own Group

We provide group/1-on-1 lesson. Students can also form their own group with their friends. Contact us to find out more.

  • 1.5 hours per lesson

  • One lesson per week

  • Fees: $360 per 4 lessons

  • Students can form their own group


  • Where is your physical tuition centre?

    After operating our physical tuition centre for 11 years, we have ceased operations in Dec 2023. Tuition will be available online only.

  • Why group lessons are not working nowadays?

    Schools have liberty to arrange their own syllabus, but group tuition has a fixed syllabus which cannot aligned with the schools. Student's learning is NOT aligned, hence parents feedback that their children results are not improving even after tuition.

  • Can I have a trial lesson before committing?

    Yes. You will only need to pay for the trial lesson.

  • Can I form a group with my friends to have group tuition together?

    Yes. Students can form their own group. Tuition fees will be dependant on group size.

  • What is the payment method?

    PayNow is preferred for Singapore based students. For students outside Singapore, payment will be arrange privately.

  • How many lessons per month?

    4/5 lessons per month depending on how many weeks in that month. No lessons during public holiday, so no fees will be paid.

  • Is 1-on-1 tuition only one student?

    Yes. 1-on-1 meaning there is only one student in the class. We will never put a second student into the class.