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Relearn concepts that you have difficulties understanding and recall concepts previously learnt. Topics for O and NA levels are clearly marked.

  • Topics are broken down into bite sizes for effective learning

  • Animated explanation for easy understanding

  • Guided examples using exam questions

Course curriculum

    1. What is the Accounting Equation

    2. Applying the Accounting Equation

    3. Understanding Double Entry

    4. Applying Double Entry to Transactions

    5. Recording Transactions in a Journal

    6. How to Prepare a Ledger Account

    7. Recording in a Ledger Account

    8. Closing a Ledger Account

    1. Understanding Trial Balance

    2. Preparing a Trial Balance

    1. Understanding Statement of Financial Performance

    2. Illustrative Example on Statement of Financial Performance

    3. Understanding Statement of Financial Position

    4. Illustrative Example on Statement of Financial Position

    1. Understanding Bank Reconciliation

    2. Bank Reconciliation Statement

    3. Steps on Bank Reconciliation

    4. Illustrative Example on Bank Reconciliation

    1. Understanding Prepaid Expense

    2. Adjusting for Prepaid Expense

    3. Understanding Expense Payable

    4. Adjusting for Expense Payable

    1. Understanding Income Received in Advance

    2. Adjusting for Income Received in Advance

    3. Understanding Income Receivable

    4. Adjusting for Income Receivable

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