Master the foundation of Accounting!

Building a strong foundation in Accounting is the most important step for your progression into your Accounting studies. Without this, students will find themselves struggle in all the subsequent topics.

  • Topics are broken down into small chunks

  • Pictorial assisted explanation to relate easily

  • Step by step guided illustrative examples to reinforce understanding

Course curriculum

    1. What is the Accounting Equation

    2. Applying the Accounting Equation

    3. Exercise to Practice Accounting Equation

    1. Understanding Double-entry

    2. Applying Double-entry

    1. How to Record Transactions in a General Journal

    2. Exercise to Practice Recording in General Journal Using Double Entry Rules

    1. Recording in Ledger Accounts

    2. Closing Ledger Accounts

    3. Exercise to Practice Recording in Ledger Accounts

    1. How to Prepare a Trial Balance

    2. Illustrative Example on Preparing a Trial Balance

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