Learn All Business Accounts

All business accounts are broken into smaller topics and is taught separately to fully cover all aspects. To help students link all the accounts together, a fully explained solution is included in the lesson where I will go through all the calculation and accounting in one question.

  • Links between accounts are explained

  • Includes all journals and ledger accounts

  • Step-by-step explanation and guidance

  • Illustrated example to aid understanding

Course curriculum

    1. How to Prepare an Income Statement

    2. Illustrative Example on Preparing an Income Statement

    1. How to Prepare a Statement of Financial Position for Sole Proprietor

    2. Illustrative Example on Preparing a Statement of Financial Position for Sole Proprietor

    1. Drawings Account

    2. Capital Account

    1. How To Prepare A Partner's Capital Account

    2. Calculating and Accounting for Interest on Capital

    3. Calculating and Accounting for Partner's Drawings and Interest on Drawings

    4. Calculating and Accounting for Loan from Partners and Interest on Loan

    5. Accounting for Partner's Salary

    6. Preparing the Appropriation Account

    7. How To Prepare A Partner's Current Account

    1. Capital Structure of a Limited Company

    2. Preparing the Statement of Changes in Equity

    3. Final Statements of A Limited Company

    1. Preparing the Receipt and Payment Account

    2. Preparing the Subscription Account

    3. Preparing the Income Statement for Cafe or Shop

    4. Preparing the Income and Expenditure Account

    5. Preparing the Statement of Financial Position

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